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Crummies Creek Coal Scrip

Coal Scrip Rare Antique Coins

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Crummies Creek Coal Co - Crummies KY -10 Coal Scrip Token ... Price 12.95 Time Left 1 h 23 m 28 s Bid Count 1 Coal Scrip Token Pacific Coal Co. Mercer Ky. 5 Cent Price 7.95 Time Left 5 D 1 h 37 m 27 s Bid Count 0 Coal Scrip Token R.W. Atcher Boston Ky 25 Cent

Coal Creek Rare Antique Coins

Snap Creek Coal Mining Co Scrip 5c Logan West Virginia Wv Logan County Man R7 K. Indian Creek - 15.00. Indian Creek Coal Company 10 Payable In Cash Tennessee. The Simpson - 14.99. The Simpson Creek Collieries Co. Galloway, W. Va. 25 Cents Coal Scrip Token. The Simpson - 14.99.

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Coal Company Store ScripFrom Edkins Catalogue of United States Coal Company Store Script, 3rd Edition Rarity Guide R-1 300 or more 1.75 ... KY 705 B 18mm CRUMMIES CREEK COAL CO. 1CRUMMIES, KY.Orco Patented Solid KY 2655 B 20mm STERNS COAL amp LUMBER CO.5Lump of CoalSTEARNS KYOrco Patented Crescent cutout ...

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Anthracite Coal Records. Manuscript Group 311, Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company Records, 1792-1978 . Inactive Employment Record Cards, 1913-1965, Series 18. 2 boxes. The cards are arranged alphabetically by surname. Manuscript Group 369, Anthracite Museum Complex Collections, 1896-1964

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Edkins Catalogue of United States Coal Company Store Scrip Third Edition Volume 2 ALL West Virginia 367 Pages Hard Cover Book. This auction is for the 3rd edition Volume II. It covers only W. V. coal scrip tokens. It is the GO-TO book for collecting and researching mining scrip. The 4th edition is expected to be printed in the first half of 2013.

Barthell Coal Camp Kentucky

bring coal cutting machines in, less hand loading 1939 Group photo of miners taken c. 1940 Scrip changes largely to metal OH1 1940-41 WWII patriotism high, Gorman Strunk set American flag into rock at store OH10

25 Photos Of 1930s And 1940s Kentucky Coal Camps

Dec 19, 2015 25 Photos of Kentucky Coal Camps During the 1930s and 1940s. Kentucky is home to Pike County, which is the largest supplier of coal in the U.S. However, we were also home to many other coal companies all across the state. Each one had their own store, settlement and set up for miners.

Coal Miners The Heroes Of Appalachia Logan Wv History

Dec 11, 2015 Coal Miners The Heroes of Appalachia. Everyone talks of a mothers love but not of a fathers sacrifice. The job of an underground coal miner has always been hard and dangerous. It was especially so during the early years of coal mining. Every working day coal miners risked their lives to provide for their families.

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Jul 26, 2015 This scrip is for Crummies Creek Coal Mine in Cawood, Kentucky. Cawood, Kentucky is the coal mining camp of familys heritage on my mothers side. Oh and that little black cup is actually a shot glass made out of coal ...

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My next stop was through Crummies and Cawood as I also have some scrip from the Crummies Creek Mine in Cawood. I spoke to a family near the Crummies Pentecostal Church who told a story which, unfortunately, is not uncommon in the coalfields.

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MAIL BIO SALE 1 Mostly coal SCRIP and ... 0 20 1974 MAIL BIDS EARLY DD ETT LEWIS coal CO Louellen Ky 5 thru 1 00 br um star punch AU cond V CREEK COAL CU Crummies Ky 1 b thru 1 no 25 2 ... Date 10 10 06 Ending Date 11 10 06 Lot Scrip Company and Town R rating Condition Min bid 46 KY 2929 K5 Wallins Creek coal Co ...

Cawood Ky Kentucky Crummies Creek Coal Co No 1 25

Crummies Creek Coal Co. No 1, Cawood, KY 25 Cent Trade Token as pictured.

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Coal Scrip Token10c Crummies Creek Coal Co. Cawood,KY Harlan County ...

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May 03, 2021 Coal Scrip Token Coal Run Coal Co. Cunard W.V.A. 1.00 Coal Scrip Indian Run Collieries 25c Coal Scrip, Kimberly, WV, Fayette Co, R-10 Coal Scrip

Kentucky Coal Heritage Harlan County Kentucky Coal Camps

COMPANY COMMUNITY COUNTY YEARS OF OPERATION EMPLOYEES Ages Ridge Coal Company Ages Harlan 1914-1915 75 East Harlan Coal Company Ages Harlan 1916-1932 ...

19 Rare Vintage Photos That Show Kentuckys Coal Mining

Dec 30, 2016 Mountaineers hauling coal up the creek bed to their homes near Jackson, KY, August 1940. Library of Congress Kentucky families often raised their own coal and then dealt with the arduous task of transportation. 9. Bobbie Jean Sergent cracking nuts

Lot Of 5 500 Island Creek Company Store Coal Mine Scrip

These are from circa the 50s or 60s and are in uncirculated condition. The pictures are illustrative, and not the exact ones that you will receive.